1. Lessee: The natural or legal person who signs the Agreement as a Lessee.
  2. Lessor: The company Leprevan BVBA, responsible for the leasing.

Article 1.

The lease price and duration of the Agreement is concluded for the period as stated and agreed in writing on the rental agreement. The Lessee shall return the vehicle during the Poules Moules BVBA opening hours, and this may only be deviated from with the Lessor’s written permission. In this case, the Lessee remains liable for all damage caused up to the time of the actual return. After handover of the Solex, it will be checked by the Lessor for any defects and or damage.

Article 2.

The rental agreement is entered into for the period and at the rate as agreed to in writing, except where this was extended by the Lessee. If the vehicle is not returned to the Lessor at the agreed time, or to a third party with the Lessor’s consent, the Lessor shall be entitled to take the vehicle back immediately. The Lessee’s liability under the Agreement shall remain in force until such time that the vehicle is returned and in the possession of the Lessor. The Lessee shall also owe the Lessor rent during the time that the vehicle remains in his possession. This rent is €50 (fifty euros) per day, a part of a day constitutes a full day. This rent increase may be waived by the Lessor if the Lessee can prove that the exception of the duration of time was not due to his fault.

Article 3.

The rental agreement may only be cancelled with the Lessor’s approval. All cancellations must be submitted at the latest 24 hours before the start of the lease. In case of cancellation, a cancellation charge of €20 will be charged per 4 vehicles.

Article 4.

Payment of the rent takes place at the end of the rental of the vehicle.

Article 5.

The Lessor must pay the deposit to the Lessee before departing with the vehicle. The deposit is €150 per Solex. The deposit serves as security for the payment of the rent and compensation for any damage. Everything will be set off by the Lessor after the end of the lease.

Article 6.

At the end of the rental period, the Lessee is required to return the vehicle to the Lessor, clean and in a good state. If this hasn’t happened, an amount of €20 will be charged by the Lessor.

Article 7.

The Lessee should take proper care of his rented vehicle. This means that the vehicle cannot and may not be used for purposes other than those for which it is intended. Other purposes includes contests, testing, stunt driving etc.

Article 8.

If not being used, the vehicle must be parked safely locked up in a covered area or at the least, parked in such a way that it cannot reasonably be stolen or damaged. A lock will be provided by the Lessor.

Article 9.

Only those who have signed the rental agreement shall be allowed to drive the vehicle. The Lessee is not entitled to sub-let the vehicle to third parties.

Article 10.

If the vehicle is stolen, the Lessee must notify the Lessor immediately. He is also required to make a statement to the police.

Article 11.

Volgend op de huurovereenkomst is de verhuurder niet verantwoordelijk voor eventuele boetes voortvloeiend uit het niet naleven van verkeersregels, dronkenschap en aanverwanten.

Article 12.

The Lessee is in possession of a European or international driver’s license. A copy of this is added to the rental contract. A copy of the identity card is also added to the rental contract.

Article 13.

Fuel or oil spots may end up on the clothes. The Lessee is notified in advance that he should wear appropriate clothing during the Solex trip. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for any damage to clothing.

Article 14.

Photos that are taken by the Lessor may possibly be used for promotion of Solextours through the usual media channels. The Lessee may refuse this, but it should be mentioned in writing in advance. All photos taken by the Lessor related to Solextours, remains his property.